Corporations just don't give a fuck

Corporations are not to be loved

Brent Simmons from Inessential writes:

I started using Apple computers — and writing code for them, starting with BASIC — 43 years ago, before the Macintosh, even, and I’ve made this my career. I’ve had all these decades to really, thoroughly delight in these incredible machines and software, and to give a little back with my own apps.


But I need to remember, now and again, that Apple is a corporation, and corporations aren’t people, and they can’t love you back. You wouldn’t love GE or Exxon or Comcast — and you shouldn’t love Apple. It’s not an exception to the rule: there are no exceptions.

Apple doesn’t care about you personally in the least tiny bit, and if you were in their way somehow, they would do whatever their might — effectively infinite compared to your own — enables them to deal with you.

As I said to a friend tonight:

I have so much angst and so much to say and yet no one is here to listen. I feel like I am becoming a bit radicalized watching all of this, realizing that at the end of the day the people who employ you, the companies you like, don’t give a single fuck about you and they would drive over your corpse after pissing on it for 15 minutes if it means a 1% increase in share price.

Corporations are not people. They are here to suck every last bit of capital from every entity and person on earth.

I have no allegiance to any one company, and I loved Apple.

Keep the fucks. It’s not like there’s a tide turning against Big Tech or anything… 🤷🏽‍♀️