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  • Avatar image for Tanner's Tech

    Tanner's Tech

    Tanner was the only person who could guide me through setting up Grafana to monitor Proxmox. Give him a read if homelabs are your thing.

  • Avatar image for Joe Ross

    Joe Ross

    Excellent follow on Mastodon and his writing is some of the more interesting in the indie tech space.

  • Avatar image for Tech Addressed

    Tech Addressed

    Advanced Linux tutorials for adventurous homelabbers.

  • Avatar image for Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey

    Long time Twitter and all around pal. Good guy with an affinity for tech and the open web.

  • Avatar image for Jason Burke

    Jason Burke

    Another follow. His blog is also just a fantastic place; the landing page is just super fun.

  • Avatar image for It's FOSS

    It's FOSS

    Easy going Linux and FOSS articles for the new Linux user.

  • Avatar image for Road to Homelab

    Road to Homelab

    An interesting blog to follow if you're just starting a homelab.

  • Avatar image for Sarah Drasner

    Sarah Drasner

    Sarah really needs no introduction. She's an expert on SVG, core team member of Vue, award winning speaker and staff writer on CSS-Tricks.

  • Avatar image for Aaron Godfrey

    Aaron Godfrey

    An excellent resource for home automation outside of homelab setups.

  • Avatar image for Techno Tim

    Techno Tim

    The man that made it easy for me to go down the homelab rabbit hole with his easy explanations and infectious charisma.

  • Avatar image for Amit Gawande

    Amit Gawande

    A microblogger I followed at and whose thoughts I am interested in and enjoy reading about.

  • Avatar image for Joel Spolsky

    Joel Spolsky

    The man, the myth, the legend.

  • Avatar image for Brent Simmons

    Brent Simmons

    Maker of my favorite RSS reader for Apple devices and a former developer of my favorite all time RSS reader of any platform, FeedDemon for Windows.