No One is Paying for Search


Kagi has no ads and is fully supported only by its users. We worked very hard to provide high quality, fast and tracking-free results at a minimum cost to ensure sustainability of our operation.

By choosing a paid Kagi plan you are helping accelerate our mission of humanizing the web. Kagi also pledges 5% of its profits to supporting non-profit organizations for a more humane internet.

Ok but how much??



From the Kagi blog:

Kagi takes pride in offering an array of beneficial AI tools, including “Quick Answers,” “Summarize Page,” and “Ask Questions about Document,” not to mention our highly regarded Universal Summarizer.


In response to your feedback and as part of our commitment to enhancing your experience, we’re excited to announce the removal of these restrictions for all our paid plans. In addition, we’ve increased the limits on our Trial plan. These changes provide you with unimpeded access to these valuable tools to improve your productivity and the quality of your work.

Look I love when companies come out of the box swinging, but no one outside people who have the disposable income to pay for this will pay.

While mainstream search engines generate approximately 5-10 cents per search through advertising revenue, Kagi offers an ad-free alternative that prioritizes users’ best interests. By charging a nominal fee for searches, Kagi ensures that its search results are faster, more accurate, and completely respectful of your privacy.


By aligning our incentives with those of our users, Kagi is committed to building a better, more ethical future for ourselves and our children on the web.

Their mission is noble, but you can’t say you want a better web for children on the web when you put a gate around how these children will be able to access this information and participate in a better, more ethical future for themselves.