Working in Tech Made Me a Socialist

If working in corporate in an industry with money flowing out of every orifice with dudes who honestly believe a website that allows you to just say โ€˜yoโ€™ to someone is worth billions of dolllars with billions of personal wealth, their companies still raking in massive revenues and profits then layoff people who are pregnant right before Christmas, is capitalism, fuck that noise.

Fuck you, got mine

These pseudo intellectually dishonest libertarian Wish brand Joe Rogan wannabes are doing the following:

  1. Laying off people who are here on H1B Visas
  2. Rescinding offers to immigrants who moved here to work at like Google or Amazon and now have no funds or ability to work here in the states. They give up every fucking thing to come here for billionaires to fuck them in the ass at every turn.

I am on LinkedIn, I see this shit happen every fucking day.

Thereโ€™s one woman begging for work, anything at all. Sheโ€™s put in 1000 applications, had several interviews, and has been ghosted multiple times. Sheโ€™s facing homelessness and has a daughter and said she has had some dark thoughts lately but sheโ€™s willing to take anything at all. You know whatโ€™s happened since?


Like I applied to a customer call center job for PNC and they didnโ€™t get back to me for months and then rejected my application. I am completely capable of doing the job, I am criminally over-qualified for it, and yet.

Well, comrades. Watching the world burn and consuming LeftTube has given me a chance to pick up my sickle and head for the resistance, whatever that looks like.