Focus Mode Homescreens

A lot of times I am just looking to stop the anxiety from absolutely crushing me and seeing a gazillion tasks on my homescreen makes me want to crawl out of my skin.

This means at different parts of the day and/or week I have a Focus Mode come on automatically so that I can relax. Other times I just flip a Focus Mode switch and settle in for a weekend or chill night time gameing session.

The homescreens

Screenshot of homescreens
The Reading Homescreen

This is self-explanatory; I usually have this switch on during the weekends, when I am tired and just want to turn off my brain. Same with the Gaming Focus Mode homescreen:

Screenshot of homescreens
The Gaming Homescreen

Widgetsmith is an easy purchase for this kind of thing and I use it extensively when creating Focus Mode homescreens.

Side projects

Whenever I am working on content for a side project, I grab the Content homescreen. It usually kicks off on the weekends starting Friday evening and then again on Saturday evening as well.

Screenshot of homescreens
The Content Homescreen


This is the homescreen I use at night; very few distractions and hope for a better day tomorrow.

Screenshot of homescreens
The Nighttime Homescreen